Door Frame Metal Detector

Do not let a suspicious product in with the Door frame metal detector. Plush technology product will let you scan the unwanted guest in your business.

Door Frame Metal Detectors

DFMD is an acronym for door frame metal detector also known as ‘Walk Through metal detector’. A metal detector is an electronic device which is used to detect the presence of all variety of metals. DFMD’s are used for security screening of the targeted objects such as guns, bomb, knives, etc. Based on infrared sensors, Door frame metal detector scans people to detect hidden metal objects on person’s body. DFMD is a metal detector fitted in door which detects hidden suspicious objects.


Door frame metal detector consists of electronic circuits that produce electronic signals which pass through the coil generating an electronic magnetic field. When a suspicious metal object comes in contact with this door, electric current loops will be induced in the metal and buzz alarm. DFMD’s are mainly used in airports, hotels, malls, industries, etc. Door Frame metal detectors are of two types:

  • Single zone DFMD
  • Multi-zone DFMD


    What is the throughput rate of Multi-zone DFMD?

    The throughput rate of Multi-zone DFMD is minimum of 25 people per minute.

    What material do DFMD detect?

    DFMD detects suspicious metal objects that causes potential danger. Materials detected by DFMD are weapons (guns, rifle, knives, etc.), Ferrous and non-ferrous metal, conductive metal alloys and ferrite.

    What is the alarm mode of DFMD?

    DFMD on alarming shows both audio and video mode when detect a suspicious metal.

    About how small object can be detected by DFMD?

    Upto small object of size 25 mm side cubes of ferrous metals like iron can be detected by door frame metal detector.

    What are the general features in DFMD?

    The general features in DFMD are Plugged in Charging, Rechargeable Batteries, Sensitivity Adjustment, Built in Speaker.

    Does DFMD is harmful on human health?

    The products do no harm to cardiac pacemaker in human body, hearing aid, pregnant woman and CD (compact disc), etc.