Parking Management System

Never let your customer wander with their vehicle to park. Get a place for them with parking management system from plush technologies.

Parking Management System

Parking services in residences, offices, shopping malls, hospitals and other public places are strategic enough to control any amount of traffic at any point in time. With evolution of technologies, there have been integrated parking equipment, management and software that offer the best solutions to parking issues. The authorities can easily upgrade their parking system and regulate free-flowing vehicles, all throughout the day. It is convenient, comfortable and flexible to control the entry and exit.

Part Includes

Real-time Vehicle counting: It constitutes vision-based vehicle counting system, installed at each level to know the car count.
Real-time parking guidance display: Display boards display the number of empty slots at every level.
Video Surveillance (optional): An optional multi camera video surveillance system can be integrated into solution.
DVR (optional): DVR records video surveillance data, License plate videos.



    What is a parking management system?

    The Parking Management System constitutes the access control system, revenue management, security system, boom barrier and statistical information. Parking Management System constitutes Parking Management Software –The software ties in all the components of the Parking management system.

    What is the rear parking assist?

    A more advanced parking-assist system utilizes a small camera mounted in a protected area on the rear of the vehicle. A wide-angle view of the vicinity immediately behind the rear bumper is projected on a small display on the instrument panel or dashboard.

    Are oversized vehicles, such as SUVs, accepted at all the parking system?

    Unfortunately, not all of our facilities can accommodate oversized and/or extended vehicles. If you think your car may be oversized, please contact the onsite parking attendant to receive clearance information.

    What are the parts of parking management system?

    Parts of parking management system are: multi parking option, multi-location option , staff management, vehicle type configuration, visitor type configuration, pass management, multiple pass type, tag reader device configuration, multiple payment modes, multiple entry lane, user management.

    What if the computer system crashes?

    Parking System can be operated even if the system crashes by keeping it equipped with UPS. It can be swap with the server having the information stored to instantly operate.

    What benefits are there to using an Automated Garage?

    Fit twice the cars in the same space utilized for a conventional garage or use half the space for the same number of cars.