Biometric System & Face Access

Check in with a look or with a single touch by a new technology attendance system, the biometric system. Plush technologies provide you an accurate Face Access system.

Biometrics & Face Access

Maintaining an attendance register is a far outdated way to keep track of the person. Biometric System is human body metric system to identify an individual. Biometric of every individual is distinct. This Biometric System stores an individual data matches up when accessed with their metrics. Face access stores the points of the faces by sensors and unlock or get you the access whenever a human face is shown in front of the sensor. Make your cameras smart with Face Recognition.


Different kinds of biometric depending on metrics available in human body.
Fingerprint Scanners: Can detect the live fingerprint of a human body as it is different from each person keeping security tight.
Voice Signature: Understand human voice and detects originality to enter.
Iris Scanner: It identifies unique pattern of the coloured portion of an eye.
Facial Recognition: This is the latest access control system and now replacing touch IDs.



    What is “biometrics”?

    Biometric devices use any of the human body biometric characteristic of an individual making the access and authorization very strict. This is mostly used for attendances in business complexes for recording check in and check outs.

    Which is the most popular biometrics?

    The common and popular biometric nowadays are used is fingerprint biometrics. Plush Technologies has branded manufacturer’s product of biometric attendance solution. It is less complicated, compact, least intrusive.

    What are the advantages of fingerprint biometrics?

    Fingerprint biometric readers are generally lower cost and are often used for entry and mid-level systems. They represent an easy and affordable way for businesses to get started using biometric-enabled time and attendance systems.

    Can fingerprint image be duplicated?

    No, it can’t be duplicated as fingerprints are unique of each and every individual. Biometric device is most trusted when comes to accuracy.

    Is biometric system harmful to your health?

    The methods of capturing fingerprint templates are safe and non-intrusive to the users. There is no evidence to support that biometric system can impose a negative effect on your health.

    What makes fingerprints an ideal biometric for attendance and access control?

    Biometric solutions are more accurate and secure than cards or keys because a fingerprint cannot be lost or stolen. They are more convenient and cost-effective than traditional employee attendance systems because biometrics are the sole technology capable of eliminating buddy punching and falsified time cards. Biometric systems are extremely accurate, quick to implement, and cost-effective.