Digital Lock

Why to keep the keys with its duplicates, when you can have access into your premises with a single touch or codes to open. Digital Lock is an advancement in technology reliving the stress of loss keys.

Digital Locks

Make your entrance grand with smart locks. Digital Lock is easy to use with proper and safe installation. Electronic door locks, key tags, RFID or Bluetooth from plush technologies make some of the best door locks to break through in your personal space.


Besides being just another lock open with codes and identity, there are many other features with this lock.

User-friendly Access: Smart Door Lock accommodates each person’s individual lifestyle with the variety of access methods.
(Passwords / RF Card / Finger print / Smart tag / Mechanical override key)
Touch Pad Screen: With wide touch screen, not only design becomes more modern and stylish, but the touch feel on entering the password is improved.



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    Just one step to open!

    A new concept of push and pull design makes it convenient to use. Easy single-motion to open door.

    Automatic locking

    Eliminate the need to re-check for the door lock. Feel at ease when you go out and keep your home safe.

    Auto Polling

    RF card or key tag is instantly authenticated for access without the need to press the wake-up button.

    Easy Installation

    Double latch is applied for installation regardless the use direction (Left/Right hand).


    Enhanced Safety

    Random security code feature

    Password is followed by a random two digit numbers to prevent the recognition of password pattern & unauthorized access.

    Intrusion prevention

    The door can`t be opened even if the [OPEN/CLOSE] button is pressed inside unless the senser detects inside movement.

    Double authentication

    Password can be combined with the card or fingerprint sensor to make the access strong and secure.

    Anti-theft mode

    The lock is featured with anti-theft mode key which can be activated by a single press.

    In home security (Double-locking)

    Prevent unexpected unlocking attempts. You can enable it by using the [OPEN/CLOSE] button or the double-locking button.

    Enhanced Function

    Key pad volume control

    Control the key press sound to keep your password secret and safe.

    9V battery back-up

    The device has a backup of 9 V battery, to keep the security feature on for long times keeping home safe.

    Low battery warning signal

    Digital locks are featured with beep sound to remind the battery change .

    Master function

    Passwords/Card sets are available for the master key for overall management.

    Interface with Samsung Smart Home

    The lock has an interface with Samsung video door phone or home automation to unlock the door.