Flap Barrier

Don’t let the crowd barge the security checkpoint by Flap barriers. Get a flap barrier for your business security check from Plus Technologies.

Flap Barriers

The barrier is now most installed security electronic device these days. These barriers are mostly installed at the public place entry exit gate. Besides these, flap barriers now are getting installed at the places witnessing most and frequent visitors in the business or commercial places. This barrier has flaps on both the sides which retraces with the authorized entry or exit only. Flap barriers is being successful than other barriers as it works well with the person in disability also.


These barriers are generally installed indoors in complexes. Flap barriers come in different types also depending on the type of installing places and on the speed and time of operation. The most used specialized flap barriers are listed below:

  • High-Speed Flap Barrier
  • Low-Speed Flap Barrier
  • Remote Control Flap Barrier
  • Biometric Flap Barriers
  • Card Accessing Barriers


    What is the overall dimension of flap barriers?

    An overall flap barriers dimension in mm is
    FBL 1000 series: L = 870, W = 300, H = 1000
    FBL 2000 series: L = 1150, W = 300, H = 1000

    What is the identification of passing the flap barriers?

    Passage direction indication function: The LED light indicates whether a passage is allowed or not.

    What is the pass-through speed of flap barriers?

    Pass through speed of flap barriers is 25-30 persons/min.

    At what range the flap barriers can survive the temperature?

    Ambient temperature range -28°C to +60°C R.

    How much passage types of flap barriers are available?

    Flap barriers comes in both single and double passage.

    What is the length of flaps in flap barriers?

    Length of wing arms 270mm.