Boom Barrier

Reduce the gate crash with Boom Barrier from Plush Technologies. Make the security check post completely secure to keep unwanted visitors away.

Boom Barriers

When it comes to security for bigger area and complexes the first picture comes to our mind are of Boom Barriers. Boom Barriers are also called as boom gates, generally a bar or pivoted pole. They are nowadays mostly installed security bars, which are primarily installed at the entrances of residential or business complexes. With advancement in technology, Boom Barriers has also shifted from the manual way to automatically operational. Boom Barriers now expected to grow 14% from 2016 to 2020.

Boom Barriers Operation

Initially, Manual Boom Barriers were very much in used at places for security purposes. You can also find Boom Barrier Dealers In JaipurNow technically evolved and more advanced Boom Barriers are reducing the time and tightening at the security checks points, by now controlled by different ways:

  • Push Button
  • Remote Control
  • RFID Tags / RFID Reader
  • Loop Detectors
  • Any third party access control device


    What is Boom Barrier?

    Boom Barriers is basically a rod installed for safety reasons at different places such as Mall, Companies, Residential complexes, tolls etc.

    What different types of most used Boom Barriers?

    Plush technologies have many of the types of Boom Barriers from brand manufacturers. Most used are the electro-mechanical boom barriers. There are VEGA boom barrier frequently seen in commercial and housing complexes.

    How can boom barriers be operated?

    Automatic boom barriers can be operated through Push Button, Remote Control, RFID Tags / RFID Reader, Loop Detectors or any third party access control device. These are used in residential, industrial and commercial areas.

    Are Boom Barriers automatic or manual?

    Boom barrier comes both automatic and also manual operating. Manual is called as a barrier and automatic ones are called Boom Barriers.

    What is blocking width of Boom Barrier?

    An average length of a boom barrier’s arm is 2.0m-4.0m or 4.0m-6.0m. Specially designed to adapt in any type of spaces.

    What is the minimum opening time a Boom Barrier takes?

    The Boom Barriers usually takes 3.5 secs to 5secs to open and let the vehicle pass.