EAS System

Keep the record of your business items with the EAS system. Plush technologies let you track your object with a small device to save your loss.

EAS Systems

EAS System is an acronym of Electronic Article Surveillance System. EAS system is a combination of small size devices generally accompanied by readers of different size. The articles got attached to the EAS devices to keep the track of the article. These are generally used in cloth retail stores to prevent business loss that experiences most of the shoplifting in world. An EAS system is an alarming device which alerts the retailer in case of unauthorized check out of the articles.


The electronic magnetic system comes in many types depending upon the articles to be protected. Tags are not confined only to retailers but also widely used depending on the articles and also on the frequency on which tags works. The EAS tags data storing depends on the technology used in the tags.

  • Electromagnetic
  • Acousto magnetic
  • Radiofrequency
  • Microwave


    What is EAS?

    EAS is an acronym of Electronic Article Surveillance. These are attached to the articles to keep record of the article and prevent them from shoplifted. These are kept till the article is not purchased and removed by authorized person. EAS labels and tags are available in various shapes and sizes, also can be customised according to requirement.

    What is an antenna?

    Antennas work by sending a signal backwards and forwards across a store exit. One antenna operates as the transmitter and sends the signal out while another antenna on the other side of the exit operates as the receiver and listens for that signal.

    What are different EAS technologies?

    There are three types of EAS systems on the market: a radio frequency (RF), acoustic-magnetic (AM) and electromagnetic (EM).

    Can EAS system be dodged by shoplifters?

    No to detach EAS tag a device is necessary and also the readers read and alarm the storekeeper.

    Can EAS could be turned off and on ?

    Yes EAS tags can be turned off and on depending on the usage. But deactivation is mostly avoided and recommended.

    What are the 3 components included in a shoplifting prevention system?

    Detection Systems commonly referred to as Gates, Towers and Antennas.
    Security Labels and Hard Tags
    Deactivators and Detachers