Treasure Hunter

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Treasure Hunter

Finding hidden treasure and expensive artifacts buried deep underground is an adventure that everyone would want to experience. However, it is not the kind of thing that everyone can do. Hunting a hidden treasure is a very responsible job and you have to be highly qualified, experienced and equipped with the best tools available. One of the most essential things you need is the Treasure Hunter. The gold metal detector or the gold finder literally makes your work a lot easier and faster, by detecting the metal underground. There are a lot of gold and silver detectors for sale. But Plush technology offers you the best deep gold metal detector.


Basically, a Treasure Hunter works on the principles of magnetic fields. When the electricity travels through the transmitter coil, it creates a magnetic field, which penetrates right through the metal (if there is any) under the ground and detects it. We have wide range of metal detectors/treasure hunter equipment that can detect any type of metal as deep as 7-8 meters under the ground. The equipment has added features like extended and portable arm, rechargeable, audio-visual environment and are splash proof. The weight varies between 4.5 kg to 1.5 kg. The gold detector machine prices in India are very high. We offer the underground metal detector ranging from Rs 27000/- to Rs 1,00,000/-.



    What is treasure Hunter used for?

    Treasure hunter is type of a metal detector. It is used to detect all types of metal buried deep under the ground. You can detect any type of gold/silver or any other metal, hidden under the ground.

    What is the weight of the treasure hunter?

    The weight of different detectors is different. The underground metal detector weight may range from as less as 1.5 kg to as much as 4.5 kg.

    What type of metals, the treasure hunter can detect?

    The underground metal detector can detect all types of metals like gold, silver etc.

    How deep can the treasure hunter detect?

    There are different type of detectors, which can detect gold and silver hidden under the ground starting from 1-2 meters to going as deep as 7-8 meters.

    How this treasure hunter is different from any other underground metal detector.

    Plush Technologies, offer the best metal detector for gold, silver and other metals also at a very reasonable price compared to other detectors. These gold finders are easy to use and come with many added features.

    What is the price of the treasure hunter?

    The prices of treasure hunter differ on the type you choose. There are various options to choose from like, the depth of detection, type of metal, its added features, weight etc. It may range from Rs 27000/- to Rs 1,00,000/-.