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Secure Your Home Premises With Latest Upgraded Technology

There was a time when we used to secure our home with big gates and solid locks. But, as the times have changed, our home security system also needs to be upgraded. Automation in the home security system is in the trend.

People across the world are aware of the threats growing threats around and they are investing money to boost their home security. Plush Technology home security system offers residents the access of the surveillance cameras and alarms to keep their premises safe.

Home security was always a concern for the residents. Earlier we used a lock and the key to secure our premises. But as the time passed new technology has been added to home security. Now people use surveillance cameras and alarms to secure their resident.

Need for home security system:

With the increase in crime rate day by day, Home security system has become a need for every premises. They provide a strong defense to your home when you are not at your resident. In today’s world when everyone is getting busier and have to stay out of home for work, the home security system has become essential for everyone.

Benefits of a home security system:

With such type of security system you can keep an eye on your premises 24×7 from anywhere in the world. With surveillance cameras that use face recognition, you can get a clear 1080p full HD resolution, 24×7 full HD recording, cloud storage, and two-way audio system. With siren and smoke detectors, the system also offers you with high-resolution night vision. With a smartphone application, you get access to your home security system from anywhere and anytime.

IOT enabled home security:

Connecting your home security system with the Internet makes the home safer and automated. IOT enables a smart wireless home security system which sends you alert on your smart device by using the internet in any case of breach and owner also gets the option of ringing the alarm. The owner gets 24×7 video surveillance of the home on the smart device through the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Types Of Home Security Systems:

Video Doorbell:

People implant this device at the front door. When it detects any motion or someone presses the bell, the device sends an alert to the smartphone and enables you to see the person live. A small tab is also placed inside the home connected to the video doorbell, which also displays the video of the person who has pressed the doorbell.

Alarm System:

Alarms are the latest home security system in the market. An alarm system can be used at your home to avoid suspicious activities such as using duplicate keys to open the door or opening the window forcefully.

CCTV Cameras:

When it comes to securing your premises, CCTV surveillance plays a huge part in it. With cameras all around your home, you feel more secure and safe. With CCTV cameras you get access to live footage of your premises from anywhere. It also enables 24×7 monitoring and cloud storage, so you can see the video of any date or time.


Future is all set to witness the continued adoption of advanced technology in the home security system. People will become more aware of the necessity of security and the crucial roles these security system play. Through home automation, your premises will be safer than before.

Plush Technology Home security Automation Solutions offers you Safety and Security for your premises. Our Solutions offers one-touch control over your home security appliances. Plush Technology is a leading company in Home Security Automation since 2008 and offers solutions for Energy Efficiency that enables no wastage of energy.

Secure Your Home Premises With Latest Upgraded Technology/secure-home-premises-with-latest-technology/