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Internet Of Things

What is IOT?

IOT is an abbreviation of internet of things. With the increasing usage of internet worldwide, the use of smart devices has also come to rise. Not only the devices are getting smart but they are also making our home smarter. IOT let the devices like tabs, smartphones connect with the home appliances to make them work like how and when you want them to do. The concept of introducing IOT in daily life is simply to make the life easy as well handy.

Internet of things at home.

Imagine you are leaving home all prepared and leaving your house locked. Before stepping out from the house had made sure to switch off all the lights and fans. You made all door locked and window sealed. Taking your car out of the garage and now has to get down for locking. Internet of things comes in the picture now. IOT allows you to make your garage door shut with a single touch on smartphones. The devices are connected wirelessly, too many of the appliances. To make your room temperature control, or set your coffee maker timer for the morning, wireless connection with devices eases it all. The smart appliances are now capable of reminding you about the traffic in your city and wake you up on time to avoid delay. Smart fridges now tell you about the milk getting out of stock. Light control systems save your electricity consumption by turning switch off when you walk out of the room. Not only with the smart phones touch, but now with availability of many smart devices you can control your house with your voice command.

Market is now growing with good pace in IOT.

Market place is now offering us with many smart and intelligent devices for voice commands. Much estimation till 2020 is being calculated regarding smart homes. The estimation of 8.4 billion for the smart homes growth till 2017 has been forecasted. According to NASSCOM India has a growth of USD 15 billion in IOT and the global market size is been estimated up to USD 3 trillion till 2020.

From Amazon echo, smart fridges and to the Google home, many have been launched in these years claiming making life easy and pocket friendly. Soon the internet of things will be much common as today smart phones are.

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