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Crime Prevention Systems To Protect Your Business

Stats of last 10 yrs says that criminal activities are raising day by day. And Over the last few years, criminal activities are increased dramatically for medium scale business owners.

Business owners emphasis more on sales and profit rather than protecting their existing liquid or fixed assets. Imagine that you are one of them, focusing on earning more and more money and using note counting machine.

one day a theft steal all possible liquid assets like cash, jewelry, important business papers etc. what will your next action. think…

probably your answer will be “I will report to the police”. which is correct.

But here one question arises, which can guess the possible results. Is there CCTV surveillance system was installed or not?

Even you were surprised by knowing that 24% of business owners are not reporting crimes against their valuable business. when asked they said, “precaution is better than cure”. and they accept that they were not using a proper surveillance system to protect their own business.    

hope you understand the emergency or importance of proper surveillance/security systems which include Office and home automation and boom barriers.

Now Another Question arises that what are the possible ways to protect your business?

You can afford a proper surveillance security system at a very affordable price.

let’s understand the main aspects to protect your business or home area in detail.

  1. Security automation.
  2. In-Out Security
  3. Liquid Asset Security

All the above surveillance or security equipment help a lot and reduce losses.

Security Automation:- Nowadays these two terms are getting popular ‘Office Automation’ and ‘Home Automation”. Which include all the type of automatic systems which can protect your space. some example of these types of equipment is CCTV, Gate Automation,  Tripod Turnstile, Mobile Signal Booster, Metal Detector, Audio Video Controller, Temperature Control etc.

This is the most demanding and successful method to protect your office or house. there is nothing that you can’t cover with these type of systems. CCTV is a system fully loaded with high definition cameras and sensors which can detect heat, movement etc. You can monitor your whole premises from a single room. You can track a culprit inside your organization or an intruder from outside. there a lot more functionality you can found in CCTV system. CCTV system ensures the safety of your employees, your community, and your assets. We are one of the famous home automation company in Jaipur.

In-Out Security:- The main week point of an office or a house is the entry gate. From where an intruder can easily enter or exit from your living or office space. so to protect your area you can use some of the security equipment specially designed and developed for your gate. Boom Barrier, Tripod Turnstile, Hand-held Metal Detector,  Baggage Scanner etc.

these are very affordable equipment which can easily fit your requirement. boom barrier is the most commonly used in the parking area and if you are looking for it we are one of the best boom barrier dealers in Jaipur. Hand-held Metal Detector is also one of the best and cheap to check your visitors.

Liquid Asset Security:- Liquid Assets include all those assets which you can convert into cast easily like cash itself, gold, diamond, silver, and other important business papers. A thief can easily spot those places where you can hide these.  and these are easily stealable assets and precious too. There should be separate levels of security to protect these assets. and if you are dealing with a lot of cash then you should have some other types of equipment designed to handle cash. like  Note Counting Machine. It will take time if you are counting a lot of cash from your hand which is another risk to your cash. If you are not using note counting machine this is the best time to buy it. we are the one who is dealing best quality note counting machines in Jaipur. So be prepared to handle your cash and other liquid assets.

Plush Technologies is a leading surveillance product and service provider in Jaipur since 2008. We started our company with core values of transparency, honesty and customer satisfaction. We believe to provide the best of quality of products for the safety and security purposes. We make sure to get you the latest and updated version of security camera systems and home automation to never let you compromise with your safety.

Crime Prevention Systems To Protect Your Business/crime-prevention-systems-to-protect-your-business/