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Tripod turnstile – the need of today’s security | plushtechnologies

Security becomes an important factor for everyone in this present world. The need for security is increasing as the mishappenings and crime rates around us are increasing and for any organization or business, the need of providing security to its clients and employees are also becoming an important part. The main objective to install the tripod turnstile is to ensure only one-way human traffic and also protect the assets and facilities of an organization. The need for security is overlooked by most of the organizations and companies and this creates a level of risk to them. Almost every day we hear about the damage or loss occurring due to the lack of security on the headlines.

There are various things that are necessary for maintaining a good level of security in the Present world which is very beneficial in preventing any mishappenings and crime. Each security equipment has a unique and specific task to perform but the task of all of them is same that is to protect the valuables.

There is so many security equipment available in the market nowadays but to choose the right security equipment is our choice. One of the best security equipment available in the market is Tripod Turnstile. It is a very good security equipment to use in your building or Organisation.
Tripod Turnstile is also known as baffle gate or turnstile. It is a type of gate which allows only a single person to pass at one time. It is also be made to pass the traffic of one-way people and also it only provides the entry to people who insert a coin, a ticket or a pass. Mostly a turnstile is used in the case of paid access like to access public transport, paid toilets or to provide access to some authorized people. For example in the lobby of an office building or in a restricted area where only a few peoples are allowed.

The main use of Tripod Turnstile is at Amusement parks, Hotels, Power plants, Casinos, Airports, Office lobbies, Mass transit stations, ski resorts, and big factories.

From a business point of view, turnstiles provide an accurate, verifiable count of attendance. From a security point of view, they lead patrons to enter single-file so that they have a clear view of each patron. This helps the security to effectively handle potential trouble or to seize any prohibited materials.

Features of Tripod Turnstile are:

1) Uses low energy and ensures safe passage.

2) Best for the outdoor installation.

3) Have automatic reset and foldable bars.

4) Due to its low energy drive they use minimal energy consumption.

5) They are best for emergency and escape routes with some additional equipments.

6) Due to servo positioning drive they ensures comfortable passage.

7) They comes with individual,multiple and modular installations.

Types of Tripod Turnstile are:


  • Waist High:- It is also known as half-height Turnstiles. This fixed arm style has traditionally been the most popular type of turnstile
  • Full height turnstiles:- It is a larger version of the Tripod Turnstile which is 7 foot in height and similar in working to a revolving door which ends the chance of any person jumping over the Tripod Turnstile.
  • Drop arm optical:- This Tripod turnstile is a mix of the security of a tripod or barrier turnstile and a fully optical turnstile.

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