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Security Boom Barrier for an Entrance Control

When it comes to security for bigger area and complete the first picture comes to our mind are of boom barriers. It is also called as boom gates. Uses of boom barriers are increasing day by day.

Boom Barrier Dealers In Jaipur helps you to control, monitor and restrict the movement of people or vehicle, in or out around your building or a particular place. Security levels depend on the style of the products or the places. It is protected by the sliding gate or the combination of a barrier system.

And of course all people want to secure their places with the use of some technology so for this, you need to contact Plush Technologies, the Boom Barrier Dealers In Jaipur. Basically, boom barriers are the horizontal bars that are positioned and move ups and downs.

If you want to secure your home, office, your working area then you can use some latest technology to secure it like the use of CCTV, ANPR, Visitor management, video door phones etc.

Boom gates are suitable for all these kind of properties like:

1) Car Parks

2) Shopping Centers

3) Hospitals

4) Universities

5) Hotels

6) Residential buildings

Main benefits of choosing Boom Barrier

1) Control Traffic Flow:

It is the best way to control the flow of traffic on and off your property. A boom gate allows you to control how many vehicles are on your property at any given time.

2) Improved Security:

Nowadays, security is more important for everyone either for commercial or for residential properties. By using a boom gate you can approve or deny entry to vehicles on your property. Boom barrier gate also helps you to monitor or record the registration details of every single vehicle that enter or leave your property.

3) Make Money On Car Park Spaces:

If you have a car park system then you can use a boom gate with ticket system to make money. As a vehicle approaches, they required to take a ticket and boom gate won’t let them leave until they will pay for their parking system.

4) Save Money On Security Costs:

A boom gate will save you money on security costs in the long run. By installing a boom gate you can remove your need of security guard.

5) Efficient Use Of Space:

Like swing gates or sliding gates, it doesn’t need too much space. A Boom Barrier Gates only require the small amount of vertical space to swing upwards.

6) Easy Exit In Case Of Power Failure:

If there is the power failure in your property then no need to worry. Boom Barrier Gate can be operated manually and switched to open.

Technology is getting smart and Plush technologies is leading surveillance product and best service provider in Jaipur. We believe to provide the best of quality of products and security purposes. Plush Technologies is providing Boom Barrier gate at affordable rates. We always believe in making your business smart.

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