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Best CCTV Installation In Jaipur

Why CCTV Security Systems are Vital for Today’s Businesses?

‘SECURITY’….Does this word ring a bell in your head? Security basically means protection or freedom from any kind of danger, potential harm and external forces. The word covers a wide domain, but what we are focusing at the moment is security from external forces, potential harm and unauthorized external interference trying to interfere in your business premises. Do you spend sleepless nights wondering what is happening back at your office? Is the premises safe? What if someone breaks through? What if there is theft in the building? Quite possible that many businessmen have these questions running in their minds.


Your concern is genuine, but it not possible for you to be everywhere, every time, keeping an eye on everything. Plush Technologies have a solution to this problem. To get a stress free life, the best option is CCTV cameras. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is as good as your eyes behind you. This is not any new invention, but still, many hesitate before opting for it. The reasons may differ for all. They might not have enough trust in the technology or they might not be sure if it would be a good investment or anything else.


Let us try and help some of your answers. Trust issues with CCTV? On the contrary, it is the most trustworthy equipment, providing you real time footage, which for sure your security guards cannot provide. Wondering if CCTV is worth investing on and what will be the ROI – Return Of Investment? To make things a little clear in your head regarding this, investing in CCTV is far better than having a life full of stress.


Want to dig in a little deeper before being sure about installing CCTV at your office premises? So, here is a list of reasons, why you should not delay anymore to get your eyes behind your back.


  1. Reduces Cost and Risk: When it comes to a stress reliever, no cost is high. But, the good news is Plush Technologies has a wide range of products for you to choose from, that will suit your pocket. Installation of CCTV cameras at your office buildings definitely reduces the risk of leaving the building unprotected. And this cost-effective solution will give you a sense of satisfaction that even if you are not present at your office, you can keep an eye on everything.
  2. Keeps A Check On Crimes: Would you do anything wrong or unlawful, if you knew that someone is watching your every action. Probably not! This exactly is another plus point of installing CCTV at your office buildings. When the cameras are keeping a check on everything 24×7, nobody would dare to commit any crime or even enter the building illegally. This not only helps you keep a check on burglaries and theft, but also keeps away unauthorized external interference.
  3. Reduces The Risk Of Casualties: If you have cameras installed in high risk or high-security area, the chances of casualty like fire break out becomes less. If you can spot the problem beforehand, you can prevent the accident from happening.
  4. Reduce Property Insurance Premiums: Getting a CCTV also brings added advantage to your company. Since this technology also helps to keep a check on casualty or accidents and thus reduces risk rates, it makes the work easier for Insurance companies too. As extra eyes also help Insurance companies, you get the benefit by giving reduced property insurance premiums.
  5. Increases Employee Productivity: Even if the boss is not present….the boss is present. The physical presence of the boss is no longer necessary, you have your eyes back there, even if you are not there. This helps to maintain the office discipline and decorum. And to add on, it also increases the employee’s productivity as the pressure of being surveyed all the time, motivates the employee to work dedicatedly.
  6. Boost In Customer confidence: CCTV cameras are not only beneficial for the safety and security of your company, but it also helps you build a relation of confidence with your customers. In places like banks and jewelry shops, the installation of CCTV helps to gain the customer’s confidence as well. If the customers visiting your office know that the premises are secured with surveillance devices than, the chances are more that customers feel safe and build a relationship of confidence with your company.
  7. Assist Law Enforcement: The increasing crime rates are not disguised from anyone. It gets extremely difficult for the investigators to incest a crime scene of catch the culprit with the lack of evidence. But if you have a CCTV installed at your office building and if any crime takes place, it gets a lot easier to catch the culprit because you have access to real-time footage recorded by CCTV cameras. So, it is not only an advantage for your office but also a boon to help to keep law enforcement intact.


The list of advantages or the reasons why CCTV security systems are vital for today’s businesses is endless. We at Plush Technologies, understand the importance of CCTV and hence provide you with the best quality HD cameras to suit all your purposes and give you a stress-free life. Ensure the safety and security of your business today. Visit Plush Technologies and place your order.