Walkie Talkie

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From commercial purpose to promotional event or handling an event, walkie talkie has always been spotted to make the events successful. Walkie talkie is hand held device. It is a two way radio transceiver. Walkie talkie has speaker microphones and antennae mounted on top. The walkie talkie is easy to use as it has one push button to instantly connect with the member for conversation. Walkie talkie comes up with the recharging battery which makes it easy to use for long run.


When using walkie-talkie group has to tune the device on same frequency known as ‘channel’. After tuning one can talk by using push button till the message completes. The words are converted into radio waves. Radio waves travelled fast and then again converted back. While sending the message sender ends the message preceding with ‘over’ with release of button. It makes the walkie-talkie back to listening mode and let others to talk.


What is the average life of walkie-talkie batteries?

Generally the battery of walkie-talkie can be used for 15 to 18 months. It can be replaced when it starts showing symptoms of low talk time, low range coverage.’

What is the size of walkie-talkie?

The size of walkie-talkie is 5 – 6 inches.

What bandwidth is most suitable for walkie talkies in India?

The government has allocated the bandwidth of 350 Mhz with 10 channels.

Can you use different brands of walkie talkies together?

In theory, all walkie-talkies can communicate with each other if they operate on the same frequency, model and brand.

What is the range of walkie-talkie?

Depending on the type of watt it has different ranges to operate upon.
0.5 watt walkie-talkie – approximately 200 to 300 meters
4.0 watt walkie-talkie – approximately 2 to 3 km
7.0 watt walkie-talkie – approximately 3 to 4 km

Do you need a license to use a walkie-talkie?

No. India law allow walkie-talkie to use at certain bandwidth. It can be used on the bandwidth of 865-8567 Mhz.