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Top Appliances for Home Automation in Jaipur

Carrying a bunch of keys is our old age practice and soon it may be thing of past. The world is now moving toward keyless entry into their cars and their house. For that, you need the top appliances for home automation in Jaipur. A lot of people ask me a question that. What will I do if you lost the key to your house or office? I don’t know where I forgot my house keys?

A simple solution to these questions is smart electronicareoor locks that are called Home Automation. There is no need to carry key just remember a code or carry your hands with you and use your fingerprint to open the door. Now it’s time to use new and latest Electronic Door Locks. Electronic door provides a high level of security than traditional locks. There are hundreds of electronic doors locks are available in the market which you can select. Here we would like to suggest some which suit your requirement. If you are thinking to protect your office entry gate door locks are not enough, you need some more equipment like Tripod Turnstile, Door Frame Metal Detector, Boom Barrier etc.

Here is the list of equipment which you can use to protect your entry gate.

Digital Locks:-

Earlier electronic locks designed with physical keypads and handle. Where you need to enter pin or password and push the handle to open the door. But now digital locks also called advance electronic locks to come with advanced technology. Digital locks are loaded with touch screen panel and a button. You need to enter pin or password and push the button to open the door. How easy this is. We are continuously working to enhance your luxury. We are one of the Best Home Automation Provider.

Metal Detector:-

This is used to enhance the entry gate security. You can identify the culprit before he/she reach to the door. We highly recommend this if you are dealing with cash or jewelry or liquid assets than metal detector will help you allot to detect an unwanted intruder. There are several types of metal detector are available. Most common and populathe r are HHMD (Hand Held Metal Detector) and DFMD (Door Frame Metal Detector). These are cheap and convenient to use and install.

Automatic Gates:-

Hassle-free entry to your visitors, employees, and guests. The automatic gate will open automatically when an authorized person comes near the gate. You can assign wireless keys or magnetic keys which will help automatic gate to identify their identity. If you found any authorized person guilty you can simply deactivate their key without their concern.

Which is the major advantage of these gates?

If you installed an automatic gate at your living place like a house, flat etc. Then you can enable Bluetooth functionality. With which you can open the gate with the help of mobile Bluetooth. If you are not at your home and you would like to give access to someone else you can simply enable Bluetooth on call and the person will get access to your house.

If you are thinking to protect your office then below appliances may help you for better access management.

  • Bollard
  • Tripod Turnstile
  • RFID
  • Boom Barrier
  • Biometric and face access:-

    These type of access are in trending. What you can do is you can enable biometric and face detection functionality to your entry gate. Which will only open only when fingerprint or face match with its database. These are very secure because every individual has a unique face and biometric. Even you can enable this feature to attendance management as maintaining the register for attendance is outdated now.

    There are several types of biometric systems are available

    Fingerprint scanner:- use your finger as an identity and store pattern of your finger.
    Voice recognition:- use your voice as your identity and store your voice pitch and patterns as your identity.
    Iris scanner:- these appliances are costly in comparison to other and have very complex functions. These scanners use your eye’s iris as your identity.
    Facial recognition:- these appliances use your face as your identity and store deep facial points which are unique.

    Technology is getting smart and Plush technologies is leading surveillance product and service provider in Jaipur. We believe to provide the best of quality of products and security purposes. Plush Technologies is also providing the Guide To Make Your Dream Home Automation in Jaipur .

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