Baggage Scanner

You hide it, we find it. Screen in the luggage of the visitors with the baggage scanner. Plush technologies ensure you to keep the crowded places safe.

Baggage Scanners

Whenever we step into the public transport places, we encounter with the baggage scanner before they let you in. Baggage scanner now is the backbone of every security checkpoint. From saving time and screening each article in a bag makes the security check strong and time-saving. These are mostly installed at the places like Airport, Metro station, railway stations for luggage check. Baggage Scanner machine can be seen in Jaipur at a mall or big shopping complexes to prevent the loss of business.


Baggage scanner works on the principle of X-Ray scanning. Baggage scanner has a conveyor belt. When a bag or object field with an article is put on the conveyor belt, X rays’ falls on to the bag. These rays are absorbed by the articles inside a bag. The rays then hit the first detector and the second detector. The material between these two detectors absorbs the low energy rays. With the output result, object is identified by the scanner making it reliable and time-saving.



    Why baggage scanners are used?

    Baggage scanners are used for the inspection of articles inside the bags. They are mostly installed at check in points for security purposes.

    What is the conveyor type?

    Conveyor belts are used in baggage scanner to make the objects movie into the scanner. There is an X ray tunnel which scans the articles, which are moved into by the conveyor type.

    What is the conveyor speed of baggage-scanner?

    The conveyor speed of baggage scanners is between 0.2-0.23 m/s.

    What is the dimensions of baggage-scanner?

    Dimensions of baggage-scanner in ratio Length * Width * Height: 1350 x 800 x 1160 mm and may vary in brands.

    What is the max conveyor load?

    The max conveyor load of baggage-scanner is between 150-200 kgs.

    What happens when suspicious object is detected?

    Baggage scanners come with alarm system. When baggage scanner detects any suspicious article it starts beeping to alert about the threats.