Scanners & Detectors

Get inside out keen look on the passerby and moving objects. Keep your security tight with accurate quality scanner and detector from Plush Technologies.

The easiest to handle and quickest way to complete the security check is by scanner and detector. Scanning and detection is done by various types of devices specially built for the particular purposes. Any suspicious article or unwanted visitors or articles are identified quickly with these basic mobile and compatible devices.

Baggage Scanner

Start size from 50-30 to 100-100. All models available.

DFMDFrom single zone to multi zone.

Under Vehicle



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    With the constantly moving world, and in the era of globalization, movement and migration have come to rise. With each movement, there also comes a security concern. Waiting long for security checks and scanning by security personnel make both times taking the hectic task and impatient people. Introduction and installation of the metal detectors and scanners had made the task easy and fast. Each security check post now owns the detectors and scanners to make the passengers pass by it ensuring the safety of people.


    We at plush technologies had made sure and have best of the manufactured security devices for you. Our Products are from big label who are the paramount manufacturers of the surveillance system. Plush technologies are dealing with the quality scanner and detector for the security checks to operate easily and accurately. We believe in setting benchmark in terms of quality and never compromising with the safety of people.

    Latest Devices

    Security Check Devices

    Luggage Scanner

    These are mostly installed at airports, railways checkpoint to scan your luggage. They work on principle throwing X-ray beam over the baggage making things visible on the display device.

    Metal Detector

    These small hand-held metal detectors are of big use. Helping in detecting the person precisely carrying harmful metals in the prohibited area.

    Body Scanners

    The device speeds up the process of security check. It let the person move by the device allowing x-ray beam scanning full body detecting metal and ensuring the fast check out and check in.