Note Counting Machine

Save your time counting the money with high build Note Counting Machine. Plush Technologies has note counting machine to make the work easy.

Note Counter Machine

Note counting machine has become a boon for many retail, corporate houses and banks. These wonders of counting notes comes up in IR (infrared ray), UV (ultraviolet), MG (magnetic) types. The speed and accuracy of the note counting machine has eased up many of the task. Note counting machine is now had taken the space in every commercial offices.


Note counting machine comes for many other purposes. Depending on the type of business needs they are installed for different purposes.

  • For stacking coins and notes of same denomination
  • For counting coins
  • Combined for coin sort and count
  • Counting of notes of same denomination


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    Note counter machine is a simple electronic to make your hectic work easy. Generally installed in Banks the note counter machine is used to clear the counting of money fast. Nowadays the machine has made their space in general places also such as from big retails to corporate houses to keep their account handling easy and fast. The note counting machine is now not confined to counting notes only, but now are also available for coin count, coin sorts and many more.


    Using note counting machine is not a rocket science. Bundle of note of any denomination is put into the arm of the machine. A microprocessor attached in it pulls and scan the bundle. The scanning is done through the beam of light repeatedly. The interruption in light beam helps machine to make counts. With the second layer, the machine by pattern recognition, recognizes the denomination of notes.

    Latest Devices



    The counting machine can count up to 1000 of notes in a minute. The speed varies with the models up gradation and usage.


    With speed count, Machine is reliable to have an accurate count of bundles notes in a minute. Can take up to 200 notes and give the exact value.


    Currency counting machine works on different technology. They come in both UV sensor or magnetic sensor based on the type of models.