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Guide To Make Your Dream Home Automation

We all have a dream to have a house which is designed and build according to our theme. After you achieve the dream to have your own beautiful house, you forgot to protect it from an intruder. And this is a big mistake which we don’t realize the consequences which may happen to our loved ones or to our property. Protect your dream and your family just by spending a couple of bucks. Any incident/mishappening will give you only regret. To overcome with this you can use Home Automation solutions.

Now let’s talk about how you can protect your dream home?

There are several ways to secure your dream home but first of all, we need to identify the weakest point or the house or the most important area which you want to secure.

  • 1) Identifying weak areas of your house
  • 2) Replace the door locks and latches having rust on them.
  • 3) Check door hinges. whether they have rust on them or not.
  • 4) Check the main entry door and ensure that it should be strong enough to stop a vehicle.
  • 5) Check your windows and ensure that they should have strong glass and a metal frame inside to stop an intruder.
  • 6) Remove rotten or rusted window frames.
  • 7) Remove overgrown bushes/shrubs around your house and ensure that a burglar not able to hide behind them.
  • 8) Use proper measures for window ac units.
  • 9) Proper lighting in the house.
  • How to overcome the weakness of your house.

    You can improve the above-suggested weakness and give additional strength to your dream house. These weaknesses will allow adding enough security which will help you a lot to stop a burglar. Above issues are common in almost every house we need to maintain our dream house on a regular interval of time. But you can install some advanced security systems which will help you to maintain and increase security.

    Advance security tips to secure your loved ones and dream house:

    1) You can use Security cameras according to your need and budget. there are hundreds of CCTV systems are available in the market so select one which suits best for your requirement. Try to cover all the gates, windows and other entry points with almost all the important locations.

    2) Use Home Automation systems to protect your house. You can observe that home automation is now becoming a primary requirement for builders and buyers. Using this system you can monitor and control your house anytime from anywhere.

    3) Use biometric entry systems to give entry to authorized persons.

    4) Video door phone is one of the trending and good equipment which you can choose as an additional checkpoint at the entry gate. it allows you to see and talk to a person who wants access to your main entry gate.

    If you have additional space in your house so you can use below security appliances to add some advanced security features:


    These are the big and strong security option which you can install before entry point and it doesn’t allow any vehicle without the security check.

    Tripod Turnstile:

    This is another advance security pillar to your building or house. a visitor needs an identity to pass from it and only one person can pass at a time.

    Flap Barrier:

    It helps you to maintain security and crowd. without your permission or entry key, no one can enter into it.

    Swing Gate:

    Swing gates are the electronic gate, which makes an easy door opening. Operating electronically the gate opens with a simple slide. These general bar gates fabricated with the long-lasting paint to make the door durable. The popular places these gates are installed include residential or big area commercial complexes. There are several ways to secure your dream home to know more Call Us at +91 8440022332