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Home Theater- The Ultimate Cinema Sound Experience at Home.

It is entertainment setup of screen and speakers for video and audio feels of cinema at the comfort of home. Home theater reproduces experience and mood of movie theater at home. Plush technologies home theaters use consumer friendly electronic grade audio and video equipments home theater setup in backyard, room or private home in jaipur. Home theater in Jaipur is now possible with the home theaters vast variety available at  Jaipur home theater dealer plush technologies.

Plush technologies provides home theater solutions at prices that varies from budget theaters to luxury home theater. With the solutions offered by Plush technologies home theater in jaipur you don’t have to worry about home theater price getting out of your budget. Home theater in jaipur means you’ve got to explore the variety of home theater available at plush technologies which comprises of JBL home theaterSony home theaterPolk audio systemsSVS soundDali speakersBoseSonosBowers & WilkinsMarshall , DenonHarman KardonJVCPioneerYamaha.

Plan your home theater in Jaipur

You can discover various options for home theater audio systems and choose the perfect ones for you to form the best setup for you.

There are various types of Home theater audio systems available at plush technologies. The four basic Home theater audio system types are following:

  • Home-theater in a box: this system consists of five surround speakers, a disc player/amplifier, a subwoofer and wiring.
  • Sound bar: a thin long ar containing several loudspeaker drivers also nowadays many models includes wireless subwoofers.
  • Component systems: a video and audio receiver, speakers and any source components (such as a disc player).
  • Component separates: component systems that replace receiver with separate processor and power amplifiers.

While planning home theater setup points to keep in mind are home theater surround sound and room setup

The speaker setup offer by various brands available at plush technologies are: 5.1, 7.1,9.1 setup

Plush technologies has revolutionized the home theater experience with sound that makes you believe you are in the middle of the story. Enjoy the multidimensional experience in your very own personalized home theater.

So the question is how to bring the overhead sound into your home theater: there are three types of speakers included which are- Ceiling speakers, Tower speakers and a sound bar.

Ceiling speakers and tower speakers directs the sound upwards and reflect off the ceiling to produce amazing overhead sound. Furthermore there are speakers whose integrated units include traditional, forward firing speakers. And the upward firing speakers that sit on top of nearby surface.

A sound bar includes upward firing speakers.

While these speakers will deliver and extraordinarily compelling experience the recommendation will be given to use four if possible. That way the delivery of sound will be able to be more precise to locate and gives realistic overhead sounds.  We at plush technologies will also be there to assist and guide you how to arrange your speakers for the best possible experience.

The 5.1 and 7.1 speaker setup for sound that surround

  • A 5.1.2 or 7.1.2 speaker system uses  2 ceiling speakers
  • A 5.1.4 or 7.1.4 speaker system uses 4 ceiling speakers
  • A 9.1.2 speaker system adds a pair of front wide speakers to 7.1.2 setup.

For your home theater sound bar setup you will learn the difference between upward – firing sound bars and those which have height virtualization.

Commonly popular speaker setups include: 5.1 surround speakers,7.1 surround speakers, 9.1 surround speakers.

To get the very best sound experience that too within your budget for your home theater you will want to get in touch with the best home theater dealers in jaipur Plush Technologies.