Automatic Gate

Slide in or Slide out, make the door open on your count. Plush technologies make your way in easy with the sliding automatic gate.

Gate Automation

Gate automation has never been a new and the most easy operated and high security electronic gate. The automatic gates are economical purpose gates. These gates work on the machine cut toothed pinion. The automatic gate is both one way slider and two way slider gates. These have rollers with bearings to make the slider easy and can be interlocked with barriers. Get the best quality services from the best Gate Automation Company in Jaipur


Gate Type

The automatic gate system are generally categorized into three types:
External automated swing: The gate opens up with external operating devices and installed generally outside of the big mansion.
Underground automated swing: It has underground jack controlling the pivot point and makes the gate by swing open.
Automated sliding gate: The door has an automatic operational system for sliding the gate on either side.



    Can existing manual gates be automated?

    es the existing gate can be automated. The factors are considered before the automation. The gate layout, working, hinges are considered to make it automatic.

    How often do I need to have my electric gate serviced?

    Periodic check is needed to increase the life expectancy of gate. Delay in the maintenance check or negligence can lead to wear and tear of the automatic gate.

    What happens if an object obstructs the gate?

    The automatic gates have some of the sensitivity features to operate. There is a sensor to reverse back the opening of gate in case of obstruction. Some gate do have the alarm feature to alert in case of gate obstructions.

    What happens if I cannot open my gates?

    If you are without a key fob to open your gate, it is manufactured with an override button housed in the control box, if you press the open/close button, this will command the gate to open or close.

    What is the range of the automatic gate?

    The length of the gate must be sufficient in the range of about 16 to 24 ft.

    What are the power requirements of the automatic gate?

    The power requirements of gate range from 240 plus or minus 40 VAC, 60 Hz plus or minus 3 Hz.