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Wireless Home Automation

Home Automation- Don’t Limit your Imagination

Home Automation gives you access to control your electronic devices at home from a mobile device from anywhere in the world. Home Automation is a term used to describe the working together of all household amenities and appliances and controlled by a single device connected to the web. The basic aim of Plush Technology is to provide you with Home automation is to control or monitor signals from different appliances, or basic services.

A smartphone can be used to control or monitor the home automation system. A home automation system will control your lighting, climate, entertainment, and other electronic appliances. Your home security system such as CCTV and alarm system are also included in Home Automation. The most beneficiaries of this approach are smart devices and electronic appliances that are connected to local area network or Wi-Fi. However small devices like bulb, fans or single port devices are nowadays well connected to the Automation. That day is not far when every single part of your home will be automated.

Home automation has become a necessity nowadays. While going out from home everyone has forgotten to switch off any electronic device such as any light or a bulb and many times the television. By automation, you can switch it off from anywhere. Your electricity consumption can also be controlled by it.

Home automation works on many fundamentals and has lots of science elements behind it. The sensors in your home detect light, motion, temperature and many other sensing elements, and send the data to the main controlling devices. The sensors that are mostly used in home automation are thermocouples, photodetectors, level sensors, temperature sensor, pressure sensor and many more.


Wireless Home Automation


Types of Home Automation System –

There are 3 different types of Home Automation implantation systems depending on where it is wired or wireless.

  • Wired Home Automation
  • Wireless Automation


1. Wired Home automation

Wireless Automation is in trend today, and we use it in almost every smart home and appliances we install, but we still want to use Wired Home Automation for heavy lifting. In wired home automation, all the home appliances and equipment are connected to the main controller through a communication cable. All the operations are centralized at the main controller.


2. Wireless Home automation

This automation is expensive and advances a version of wired automation which uses wireless technologies such as remote operations. There are various wireless techniques used to control your home appliances such as using Wi-Fi through android apps from any smartphone, RF-based automation and touch screen based home automation. Wireless Automation using the internet is innovatively developed to control home appliances remotely over the cloud.


Some wireless communication devices used in wireless automation are –

  • Infrared
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile phones
  • Bluetooth
  • Radio Frequency
  • ZigBee
  • Z-Wave
  • Li-Fi


Many international companies are introducing automation solutions in the market. Every product or service they launch today comes with automation. For example, Panasonic was among the first company that introduced Wi-Fi Air Conditioner. You can easily switch it ON or OFF, or change its temperature from your mobile device from anywhere in the world. You can easily access your CCTV to monitor your home using a mobile device from anywhere.

The benefits of Home Automation depends on the consumer. Some implant it for safety, convenience, control and saving, while some consumer used it for comfort and peace of mind. Safety of your home in today’s world has become the number one priority for people. CCTV will provide you with live footage of your home at your device and you can keep an eye on unwanted visitors from anywhere in the world when you are not at home.

Plush Technologies is one of the foremost home automation creators that offer you a wide range of automation solutions at a reasonable price. has a dedicated purpose of providing you the latest technology solutions to automate resident space. Plush Technologies solutions provide customers with a secure and comfortable lifestyle that never cost you more than your security.