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Electronic Devices to Detect Metal – Metal Detectors

Well as the name suggests metal detector is electronic device which detects the presence of hidden metal. Metal detectors are majorly categorized into two types-

  • Underground metal detectors
  • Security metal detectors – Door Frame Metal Detector(DFMD),Hand Held Metal Detector(HHMD)

Underground metal detectors

We all had played treasure hunt games in our childhood and after growing up wished that we could find old hidden gold coins, valuable artifacts of precious metals , well some of us still are looking for that hidden treasure but how to find the presence of metal beneath the ground , we can’t just go and start digging right? So for that we have to use metal detectors which help us in finding the hidden treasure or metal of our interest which is the soil, or can also impress your spouse by finding their favorite piece of jewelry which once fell in grass and got lost.

But the important question is to find best quality underground metal detectors which can fulfill your requirements. Plush technologies are the best underground metal detector dealer in Jaipur. You can easily find best brands of underground metal detectors at plush technologies. The best thing Plush technologies offers is best price in the market for metal detectors .So you don’t have to worry about metal detector price being out of your budget when searching for treasure detector, gold detector, deep search metal, detector, gold detector machine, underwater metal detector, pin pointer metal detector, metal scanner, long range metal detector, gold scanner machine, 20 feet deep metal detector, all these varieties of underground metal detectors are available at plush technologies which is the top underground metal detector dealer in Rajasthan.

Underground metal detectors available at plush technologies are:

Metal detector 3030: FBS2 allows advanced signal analysis for more accurate metal detection. SMARTFIND2 – analyze and display Fe and Co properties on color LCD. It provides significantly improved target separation.

GPSI:   Creates WayPoint, FindPoint and GeoHunt files that are compatible with XChange2.

Can operate across full spectrum of frequencies simultaneously for best results.

Offers 5 single frequencies choice.

This list doesn’t ends here, best metal detector for gold, underwater metal detector, metal scanners, variety of long range metal detector, gold scanner machine, deep search metal detectors, fisher gold detector, minelab metal detectors, nokta makro simplex metal detectors, gold detector machine, pinpointer metal detector and 20 feet deep metal detector and many more are available at metal detector shop in Jaipur Plush technologies. So next time you’ll search for metal detector shops near me you’ll defiantly know plush technologies it is right. Gold detector price or we can say gold metal detector price in market can be very expensive but we at plush technologies provide best brands with best quality at economical prices. Metal detectors for sale also available at plush technologies. The best metal detector is the one which fulfills your requirements.

Security metal detectors

These types of metal detectors come under security items categories. Plush technologies falls under best  security system suppliers in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India  These metal detectors are mostly used at locations which need visitors and employees to be checked to prevent entry of unwanted metallic objects inside the premises, also used at jewelry shops or rare metal work industries to prevent unauthorized exit of metals of interest also used in courthouses, airports, schools, commercial buildings, malls etc. When it comes to top metal detector dealers in jaipur plush technologies comes first in the line.

Hand Held Metal Detectors (HHMD) is used by security guards to check or screen at suspected locations for the object of interest. They are battery operated, comparatively inexpensive, easy and free of radiations. Best HHMD metal detector suppliers in Jaipur Plush technologies. HHMD price is very reasonable at plush technologies.

Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD) is metal detector which is fitted in a door and has multiple zones to detect hidden metal on person’s body. DFMD is commonly also known as frame metal detector.  It is mainly fitted at the entrance of the premises to prevent entrance or exit of hidden undesired metal object.  Best DFMD metal detector suppliers in Jaipur Plush technologies. DFMD cost ranges according to their models and zones. Door Frame Metal Detector price is very high but plush technologies deals at very reasonable price with excellent quality product.  Multi zone door frame metal detector provides high security as compared to single zone door frame metal detector.