Video Door Phone

Get to know your visitors at the entrance with the video door phone calls. Hear from the unknown or know from gate before letting them in.

Video Door Phone

Peeping from the eye hole to know who is standing behind the door is an outdated way. Video Door Phone now has made the way to many of the houses. Video door phone are easy and safe technology to know your visitor before welcoming them. Video Door phone generally are an audio video device to make communication with the visitors. They are generally installed at big residential and business complexes to keep security tight and to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Know About

The video door phones have two elements installed outside and inside of the doors. The outdoor panel consists of push buttons to start calls and active the video camera letting customer know who is outside. There is a keyboard to dial up the number. Some have a micro camera to make the visibility more clearly during the night. The indoor panel consists of a big screen to see the image of visitor and microphones, earphones to answer. Video door phones work on completely duplex method.



    Is the Image capturing is automatic or manual?

    The image captured during the call is completely automatic in Video Door Phones.

    What is One Level System?

    The Audio-Video Communication is direct from Main Gate/Tower /Apartment Entrance to the Apartments.

    What is Two-Level System?

    The Audio-Video Communication is from Main Gate to the Apartments & also from Tower/Apartment Entrance to Apartments.

    What is Three Level System?

    The Audio-Video Communication is from Main Gate to the Apartments, Tower Entrance to Apartments & Apartment door to Apartment.

    Does Video Door Phones have access control?

    Yes, Video Door Phones are integrated with the door access control system. The authorized users can allow previously authorized to enter the premises by allowing with biometric or any security element installed in the device.

    Does all Video Door Phones come with the telephone-like handset?

    No, depending on the models, Some Video doorbells have handset while some come with hand free earpiece. Plush Technologies has models from no handset to hand piece video door phones.