CCTV Surveillance & Alarm Systems

Install Focus Zoom… Keep your area protected and safe from intruders. Surveillances cameras and Alarm system are at your help. Expanding your view area with wide variety and ranges of security systems.

CCTV Surveillance

Wide range starting solution from 10000/-

IP Solutions

HD Solutions

Alarm System

Why it is required?
Starting from 10000/-

Video Door Phone

Why Us

We at plush technologies are always concerned with quality and rely with the best of products to provide best home security systems. We are Authorized Channel Partner of HIKVISION, CP Plus, Dahua & Panasonic CCTV. We have different types of Security system like Hikvision IP Camera, Hikvision HD CCTV camera, Hikvision Video Door Phone, Hikvision Alarm System, Cp Plus CCTV camera, Cp plus Video Door Phone, Cp plus Ip CCTV Camera, Dahua HD CCTV camera, Hikvision dvr , Hikvision Nvr, CP Plus Dvr, CP Plus Nvr. We are Hikvision CCTV dealer in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We are Cp Plus, Dahua and Panasonic CCTV dealer in Jaipur. We give the best price for these products.
We make sure to keep check on everyone with high vision quality, high zoom feature and night vision cameras. Plush technologies provides all video, audio and image capture assembled device to keep security high.



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    Security Systems

    A home is a place where you always feel safe, and what other wonders it can do? If, gets equipped with the advanced security systems. Security systems installation does not only make your home smart but also keeps you secure. Making it install in your house would not take any extra effort or another infrastructure. Make a choice from many CCTV cameras, Alarm systems, and Video doors for home safety. Installing a CCTV camera gives an assurance of not to worry when you are away from your home. The alarm system will help you to get alarmed if gate breaks. Video door phone will assure you about your wanted guest.