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Benefits of Automation to Secure Your Premises | Plush Technologies

Nowadays security is the major concern to protect your premises. It doesn’t matter that you are protecting your working place like office, factory etc. or living place like the house, flat, villa etc.

Things can happen to anyone and anywhere so be prepared. A famous quote is there, Care is better than cure which is one hundred percent correct. Protecting your office or living premises before any uncertainty will save a lot more money than doing it after any uncertainty. Even money doesn’t matter then your life. So be prepared to fight with any intruder to your premises. Plush Technology is one of the Best Automation and Security Solution Service provider Company In Jaipur.

You can see that there is a lot of security system are available in the market. To protect your premises you need to think in all direction.

How can you select to which part of your premises you need to enhance?

First of all analyze, which is the weakest part of your area.
Find out the most important part of which you are thinking to protect.
Now analyze in different aspect and judge how these parts are strong or week?
Is your main entry point/gate is strong enough?
Which equipment you will use to strengthen your week part etc.

Now let’s discuss some of the best technologies and appliances which suits you best based on requirement.

To protect your office and home you can use selected devices from the below category.

Surveillance Systems & Alarm.
Entry point automation. (Boom barriers, Tripod Turnstile).
Metal detectors and Scanners.
Home Automation.

Above are the major categories which are trending in managing and adding security to your place. We will help you understand the above category in details so that you can choose one of them

Surveillance System & Alarm

This is the most trending and convenient security system for your area to protect from the unwanted intruder. CCTV is the most famous in the category and easy to install, quick and recommended a method to protect your premises. There is a variety of option available but majorly we can say that CCTV camera and Alarm systems fall under this category. There are hundreds of CCTV and alarm systems are available. which one is the best for you? There are hundreds of brand available which are expert in their field. it’s total up to you that how much you can afford and which device fulfil your requirement like Dome camera, bullet camera, C-mount camera, wireless camera, PTZ camera etc.

Before you select one these are the factor you should check.

The correct lens required
Correct output resolution required
Required sensor etc.

Entry Point automation

The entry gate is the major concern of almost all the business owners. A general question arises that how we can improve the security of the entry gate? How we can make entry gate stronger to handle intruders. We are Gate Automation Company and we are always with you.

So let’s discuss:
You can make your entry gate semi-fully automated.
Use strong material like steel, iron etc.
Proper maintenance required for the automated gate.
Select the best-suited model
Vertical Lift
Vertical pivot lift

Metal Detector and Scanner

You cannot judge the intention of every employee working in your organization and to protect your staff and yourself you need to take proper measures. We are the best door frame metal detector dealer in Jaipur. Metal detector and scanner can give you the prominent solution to this problem. these equipment ensure that no one can carry any unauthorized weapon into the premises.

Here is a list of commonly used metal detectors and scanners:

Baggage scanner.
Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD)
Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD)
Alcohol Detector
Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS)
Treasure Hunt Detectors

Home Automation

Home Automation is now becoming the primary requirement of buyers and builders. Even nowadays builders working with us are asking to supply equipment before starting the construction of buildings or houses. Advance home automation is available with us which you can control based on time or access. Homes are now becoming smart enough to handle criminal activities.

Here are some solutions which can help you to protect your dear ones
The powerline based home automation
Wired home automation
Wireless home automation

Plush Technologies is a leading surveillance product and service provider in Jaipur since 2008. We started our company with core values of transparency, honesty and customer satisfaction. We believe to provide the best of quality of products for the safety and security purposes. We make sure to get you the latest and updated version of security systems and home automation to never let you compromise with your safety. We are the one of the Best Automation and Security Solution Service provider Company In Jaipur.