Tripod Turnstile

Let the people cross the bar one by one making the count easy. Plush technology let your business secure with the tripod turnstile.

Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstile is a gate with the baffle or turning bar rod to let the visitors in. The gate allows one person at a time to make the queue easy to maintain. The main objective to install the tripod turnstile is to ensure only one-way human traffic. A tripod turnstile is a lock and unlock gate. It restricts the entry until an authorized coin, token, or passcard is accepted by the machine. The tripod turnstile is 3 rod and 360 degree turnstile speeding up the checking and entering of the visitors.


Waist high: This is the fixed arm revolves around the speed depending on the user passage and inserted an authorized token.
Optical: This turnstile works on beam scanner which validates patrons entry.
Drop arm optical:  Combination of barrier and full optical turnstile, dropping an arm barrier when unauthorized entry is detected by the optical turnstile.
Full height turnstile: 7-foot heighted turnstile to let a single person make entry.



    Can turnstile use outdoor? Any roofing/shelter required?

    Optical flap turnstile, optical sliding turnstile needs Outdoor roofing.
    Tripod turnstile, full height Turnstile, optical swing gate, barrier gate, needs no outdoor roofing.

    What happens if power fails?

    It has a default function of opening of gate automatically is there is a power cut.

    What is the turnstile working way?

    It can work Single directional or Bi-directional.

    Are turnstiles portable?

    Yes, some turnstiles can be made portable. Wheels are attached to the back of a turnstile’s cabinet and an elongating the base plate is installed so that the turnstile can stand alone and roll from location to location. They are also great for temporary crowd control situations.

    What happens with a turnstile in the event of an emergency?

    No, the turnstiles are safe, as they are made to operate in automatic mode when power cut down.

    How many types of turnstile are available in market?

    Turnstiles are waist high and full length. Plush Technologies have variety of turnstile according to the business requirement.