Swing Gate

Make a swoop entry in the premises with the swing gate. Plush technologies provide the easy gate channel to make the entry grand.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are electronic gate, which makes an easy door opening. Operating electronically the gate opens with a simple slide. These are generally bar gates fabricated with the long lasting paint to make the door durable. The popular places these gates are installed include residential or big area commercial complexes. The full coverage of the entry gate area makes it perfect for high security check. Modern swing gates also comes with safety sensors to beep when comes in the contact of users.

Trigger Operation

Being an automatic gate, the swing gate needs an operation. It is being operated with four major operations:
Approach Sensor: When user comes in contact with the sensor of gates, it opens.
Push Button: Button is pushed to make the gate slide open.
Push and Go: User open ups the full gate with the operation.
Access Control: Only open by the authorized user access.



    What happens in the event of a power cut?

    The power cut will switch the swing gate to manual overriding feature.

    How secure will my gates be?

    The gates are not automatically be secured, they need to have constant supervision. These are only for the automatic operation.

    What do I do about maintaining and servicing the gates?

    Your gate company can train you to fix minor problems and do a quick check of the system. With proper training, you can fix most problems.

    How many types of there are swing operators?

    Full Energy Low Energy and Power Assistance.

    Does it have an automatic closing system?

    Yes, the gate can be made to open and close at set period of time. The automatic feature can also be override with the remote.

    What is the difference between a slide gate, a swing gate?

    A slide gate is supported after installation in a vertical position so that it slides backwards and forwards to open or close along a track using a single geared motor system where a gear engages with a toothed track and is generally the most popular style of gate. A swing gate (or leaf gate) can be a single leaf or double leaf gate system where each gate is hinged to a fixed point (brick pillar or vertical post) and an electric operated motor is attached to pull open or push open and close each leaf individually.