Make these bollard bump the gate crashers. Stop the unwanted entry without the chase with the Bollards from Plush Technologies.


Do not let any vehicle by-pass without security checking with the bollards. Bollards are protective barrier. It is installed at the outdoor security check. The barriers are commonly used at commercial and residential complexes. Bollards are simply poled like structure easy to maintain and installed at any outdoor places. These installed bollards generally serve dual purposes by making the security check easy and also slowing down the speed of the vehicles ensuring person’s safety.


Bollard serves many purposes and depending on the outdoor locations. Traffic bollards come into many types.
Illuminating bollard: They illuminate lights from all angle when comes in contact with vehicle life.
Removable bollard: These may be fitted permanently by ground but can be removed when needed.
Flexible bollard: Mostly installed to make the way clear to drivers and also bend when struck by vehicles.



    What types of materials are bollards available in?

    Cast iron, ductile iron, cast aluminium, mild steel, polyurethane, concrete, stainless steel, recycled plastic and timber.

    What maintenance is required?

    Bollards do not require much of the maintenance. The painting can save wear and tear of bollards and make it to last long. Plastic bollard covers can also save the bollard life.

    What are the security and protection benefits?

    Bollards are more commonly being used to direct both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, mark parking and protect buildings. Bollards are installed to protect doorways, placement of this type of security obstacle means doorway is safer from the threat of moving vehicle.

    How far apart should bollards be installed?

    There are some specific regulations for bollards spacing. Be sure to consult the appropriate authorities before planning an installation. Bollards are often spaced 4–5 feet apart to form an effective vehicle barrier.

    How long will the bollards last? Will the elastomer wear out?

    You can expect the bollards to last a lifetime. The elastomer is protected from the elements and won’t wear out.

    What are sizes and diameters are available?

    Our bollards range in size from 3″ diameters to 12″ diameters for the majority of our bollard product lines. Length can vary depending on model selected and function. We have the ability to custom manufacture to your specifications within our manufacturing facility.