Access Control System

Get access by your unique identity with access control system. Plush Technologies presents door access, biometric access, bollards and lot to sweep around to permitted place.

Access control is the way to make into any physical security or information security. This is a selective authorization given to anyone at any place without any hassle. Access providing let the person to change or modify the resources.



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    Insight Of Access Control

    Access control system had broken the barrier and hassle of the traditional lock and key to get authorization for entry. Access and authorization is now not only limited to keys. Credentials like fingerprints, iris matching, voice detections and many more has made the security high. Any biometric access or numbers combinations are combined with special features to keep the access limited for limited time. The access control system has denying entry features, which get activated when the access id one by wrong credentials keeping the record.

    WHY US?

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    Smart Access


    Assured Safety

    Installing an access control system will ensure your buildings are secure and that only the right people can get in. Each person is identified with a unique codes card or biometrics.

    Wirelessly Connects

    Issuance of new single unique codes, cards or fobs are assigned to make access in any permitted area without any of the hassles of many keys for different locks.

    Unique Identification

    These devices take the worry of identity stealing. The recorded biometrics or unique code association with a person restrict the duplicity or forging of identity.

    What is Access Control?

    Access control is the ability to decide WHO, WHEN and WHERE someone can enter your premises.  The online systems have the ability for you to view a report of where people have been.

    What happens if a token is lost?

    All tokens are individually coded. This means that cards can easily be deleted if lost without affecting any other cards.

    What is the different level of access?

    From least to most secure: key, keypad with code, card or keyfob, then biometric entry.

    Can access control system be controlled by handheld devices?

    Yes there are certain devices which can be controlled by handheld devices. depending on the region or area of control.

    How are the entrances controlled?

    The access control system will be connected to an electronic lock. The system will then tell the lock when to open. This may be when a valid card is presented or it may be all day between specified opening hours.

    What is a biometric reader?

    A biometric reader will allow the system to identify a person without the need for a card or fob. This may be using a fingerprint or the iris recognition systems you now see at airports.

    Why access control system is important?

    Access Control is an absolute necessity for most businesses nowadays, in order to prevent theft but also for health and safety reasons.

    Do access control systems can be controlled by remote?

    Yes, some access systems come with the remote handling features. You can make it the feature turn off and on depending on the need.